What people are saying
about Shaun Ghulam!

Analisa Smit

Our experience with Shaun Ghulam was exceptional from start to finish. His deep knowledge of the local market and keen understanding of our needs and closing deadline was stress-free. Was always available to answer any questions, went above and beyond to ensure we had all the answers and tools. We highly recommend Shaun Ghulam to anyone looking for a REALTOR.

Marta Schokman

We entrusted the task of selling our condo to my son-in-law, and I must say, his performance left us thoroughly impressed. Despite the familial connection, we genuinely appreciate his professionalism. He executed the process flawlessly, ensuring every detail was meticulously handled to secure a successful deal. His attention to preparing the condo for listing was exceptional, and the outcome exceeded our expectations: we received an offer that perfectly suited our needs, and remarkably, the condo sold within just 21 days, a significantly shorter timeframe compared to the usual 60+ days. We're sincerely grateful for his hard work and invaluable expertise.

Janet Ghulam

In November 2023, I faced the daunting task of selling our family home. While it stirred nerves, my husband, acting as our listing agent, performed exceptionally. I placed my trust in his abilities, and he delivered without fail. Despite a challenging market, Shaun secured an excellent deal for us. His meticulous attention to detail and adeptness in preparing the house were remarkable. I'm immensely grateful for his hard work and unwavering support for our family. Though I hope we won't need to sell again, I'm confident Shaun will continue to excel, both for us and any future clients he serves.

John D.

I would just like to say thanks for all your time and support. You provided advice for some other properties that I own and when working to secure a house for my son you were well organized and knew what we were looking for. As a result we were able to get a place in one day of viewing properties and were able to work through the offer process without a lot of stress and time. You were very easy to work with.

Gemma Leggett

When I contacted Shaun for help to find a home to my friends in his market, he immediately was on the roll! He found my clients/friends the home they love in a very fast and professional time. I would refer him my clients again in a blink of an eye. As I believe clients should work with local agent to get the best results!


I've had the joy of observing Shaun's journey over the years, from establishing his own business to venturing into the real estate industry. His dedication and commitment to each project are remarkable and unmistakable. He tirelessly strives to deliver top-notch service to all his clients. When I had a property that remained unsold for months in another town, I witnessed Shaun's expertise in action and knew he was the perfect person for the task! Shaun exceeded my expectations in selling the property, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone in need of property-selling assistance.

Centennial College

Shaun is well informed on the ins and outs of the Real Estate market. He provided valuable insight for future home owners and ensured that every question was answered thoroughly. His personable approach made communication easy and effective. I would highly recommend Shaun Ghulam as a REALTOR®.


From beginning to end, Shaun effectively supported us in the house buying process. He gave good advice based on research, was punctual, very responsive to our enquiries, encouraging when we were feeling anxious. He was also patient and offered more options when properties ended up not meeting our requirements upon visiting them. We would highly recommend Shaun as a REALTOR®.

John Walkinshaw

I wanted to shoot you a quick note and say thank you for all your hard work on the purchase of the property for your clients. I sure appreciate your hard work and professionalism. Although you represented your buyers 100% you still did it in a way that kept things moving forward and at the end of the day you’ve got a happy buyer and I’ve got a happy seller. I love it when it works that way. I look forward to being able to work with you again in the future.

Mayor Patrick Brown

I know whoever you work for, you're going to do so with integrity and dedication. I just want to say Shaun is someone I have a great deal of confidence in!

Brian Melanin

Hi Shaun, I'm a HUGE fan bro! What I like most about you is that there's nothing fake or pretentious about what you're doing and I think you been out here long enough to know what I am saying. You show up and go hard every day and I'm inspired by your grind man.

Alisa Cheddi

Hey Shaun, I love your ability to follow through and crush your goals. It is extremely inspiring and I know you will kill it in real estate.

Brian Francis

Congratulations on the launch of your real estate career! I like your social media persona, you seem like a likeable guy. I wish you all the best Shaun!

Eric Skogland

Shaun Ghulam, has a 0% chance of not being successful as a REALTOR.

Bruce Marshall

Have watched my friend Ghulam as a go-getter entrepreneur in Brampton over the past few years. Now he's moved his talents to real estate. If you're looking for someone to super-serve your reality needs - Shaun is your man!

Steven Lee

Hello Shaun, I have to say I love all your videos on social media. It's great to see your professionalism and on-going success. Keep going, keep pushing and continue to win for your clients.

Curtis Yarde

I feel like I'm one of your biggest fans. There's nobody else that I know that has such a drive to win. Keep pushing Shaun!

Denny Keenan

Congratulations Shaun on becoming a REALTOR. You never stop working to better yourself.

Amir Sabahi

Shaun Ghulam is a super talented and an electric personality. His never ending energy, dedication and love towards his work is unbeatable. His mindset is focused on perfection and no compromise in this, his eyes searches for any minor issues and work on them to keep the final result in its highest quality, In addition his set of skills in design makes the final result an excellent piece of art.

Jamohl Rutherford

Shaun is as professional and as dedicated as they come. His consultative approach to different projects, his attention to detail and ability to always deliver above expectations makes Shaun a pleasure to work with. His expertise in graphic design at the Toronto Board of Trade has really raised the bar on what we are able to do and he's no doubt one of our best kept secrets.

Lori Hanif

Congratulations on becoming A REALTOR. You will be successful in anything you touch. Keep up the great work Shaun!

Lawrence E. Kerr

Shaun, you are killing it and out the running. You are doing what you were supposed to do and it shows. Chances favours the prepared, best wishes in real estate.

Brian McIntyre

The way you market yourself Shaun, you will eventually explode. No one can say you aren't putting your 110% heart into real estate. Way to go!

David Drummond

Shaun, I hope everything is well. I just wanted to tell you, your marketing game is on point. You are a GENIUS!

Gaurav Dhillon

Best service, Shaun Ghulam really cares for his customers! Very professional.

Blaster Wayne

I'm a repeat customer and highly recommend Shaun Ghulam, he is one of the easiest going professionals I've ever had the pleasure to deal with!

Sally Karnaz

Shaun Ghulam is great at what he does, he is a great person to do business with and to have in your network. Excellent work ethic and provides quality services and products!


Shaun Ghulam is absolutely amazing. His service is incredible and he treats you well. Shaun stands behind all of his product and is a pleasure to do business with.

Natasha Lopes

Shaun Ghulam is an outstanding entrepreneur who show cases many local businesses within Brampton. He is an amazing person who has helped me grow my brand since 2017 when I first started out. He has always pushed me out of my comfort zone for the better and always looking to lend a helping hand.

Michael Percival

We had several experiences with Shaun, all were fantastic. He responds quickly, he is very friendly and professional. We recommend getting in touch with him about the products and services he provides. Thank you very much Shaun!

Mikka Rassias

What can I say? Shaun Ghulam is just an amazing human being. Loves and supports his community. Have you tried one of his mask? They’re awesome. It’s the only kind my daughter will wear. Keep doing what you’re doing Shaun!!!

Raghav Sachdeva

Shaun Ghulam is such a nice and humble person. He helps with all the questions you have in such a short amount of time! I love his customer service and products!

David Choi

I got in touch with Shaun Ghulam couple weeks ago and he provided the best customer service ever! He was assuring and helpful throughout the order that I placed. Shaun and his team did an amazing job! I highly recommend using their service.

Dave Bhullar

Shaun is VERY professional and is all about the community. He ALWAYS supports local businesses and is just an all around nice guy.

Joshua Colucci

Shaun Ghulam is very Enthusiastic and high energy individual. Spreading positive vibes with everyone they deal with including myself. Both times I’ve met Shaun, he shows how much he cares for others and for all of Brampton. All round fantastic company and awesome dude!

Colleeen Booker

I am pleasantly impressed with Shaun Ghulam's professionalism and work ethics to ensure I was completely satisfied with the logo I wanted to represent my business and I. Will be doing more work with Shaun Ghulam in the future to come! A+++

Kloudia Karkar

I have worked with Shaun Ghulam for many years now, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. They are patient, professional, friendly and super creative. I got a website done with them, and they truly worked closely with me to complete my vision of the website. Thank you!

Elias Gonzalez

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shaun Ghulam! He is very knowledgable, patient and understanding. I would highly recommend his services. Thanks again Shaun for all your help and I look forward to doing business with you again

Sarmilan Gugathas

Have to say I got the royal treatment from Shaun Ghulam, he offers A+ service, doesn't matter what time of day it is you have a question regarding your project you will get an answer instant. I would recommend DMINDED to everyone. I doubt you'll get this kinda service anywhere else period. Keep up the positive vibes Shaun. LETS GO!

Tomson Varghese

Shaun Ghulam is an exceptional, driven and dedicated individual with the right priorities and goals to achieve success and help others achieve success alongside him. It is a blessing knowing Shaun and experiencing the energy he brings to every task, project and situation. His positivity and go-getter attitude is contagious and pushes everyone around him to pursue the best version of individual success.

Andrae Satterswaite

Shaun Ghulam makes a tremendous, consistent effort towards his work and has demonstrated excellence in customer service. he genuinely ensures that his clients are more than satisfied with the way he follows up and makes routine check-ins. His work demonstrates professionalism, punctuality, quality and high value and he has exceeded my expectations.

Risha Mahen

Shaun Ghulam is not only phenomenal with his turnover time, he was persistent and supportive throughout the whole process. Shaun and team are truly amazing at what they do and what they created for our business will stick with us for many, many years to come! If you are thinking of taking your business to the next level, think DMINDED.

Carmela Catizzone

I have had the sheer pleasure of working with Shaun Ghulam to develop our website. It was a very intimidating process for us to leap into the digital world. Shaun made the experience painless. He took care of all the headaches, he made great suggestions and was very easy and wonderful to collaborate with.

Salwa Abdalla

It’s rare that you come across an amazing person like Shaun Ghulam. He is so cooperative and helpful person. I was particularly impressed by Shaun’s knowledge and talented in digital marketing.

Jennifer Stitt

Shaun Ghulam is polite and courteous, and makes the entire website process easy. He has the ability to deliver a high quality product and is extremely responsive. He's quick to reply to messages. He's passionate at what he does which is a sign of a good and successful businessman.

Jenny Jay

Shaun Ghulam is a very hard worker, and does the job well. Having seen both his work in developing a website, as well as also having worked in collaboration with him, I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is professional, friendly, and easy to work with, but above all, delivers quality.

Maria Priolo

Shaun is professional to deal with, he is a true professional, he is responsive to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Shaun Ghulam and will continue to use him in the future for my business.

Aman Bolla

Shaun Ghulam is polite and courteous, and makes the entire website process easy. He has the ability to deliver a high quality product and is extremely responsive. He's quick to reply to messages. Even after my website was up and running, he continues to offer me continuous support. He's passionate at what he does which is a sign of a good and successful businessman.

Buds Variety Inc.

Shaun’s attention to detail, fast response and even faster turn-around time, allowed the re-design of our company’s logo project to be completed ahead of schedule. Shaun listened to our mission for our company brand, and executed our vision beautifully. Communicating ideas and always being able to reach someone on the team made it hassle free.

Adrienne Martin

Shaun, demonstrated an incredible degree of professionalism, diligence and expertise. Shaun is very responsive and receptive to feedback. It was a pleasure to work with him and his team, and I look forward to more collaborative opportunities.

Martina Montero

Working with Shaun has been nothing but a pleasure. He is very professional and goes out of his way to make sure that you are happy with the end result. His drive and passion for what he does is inspiring and it is what makes his work phenomenal.

Rob Castro

I had a great experience with Shaun Ghulam, he is easy to work with and will hustle to get the job done right. Even though we had set backs that were out of our hands he understood and was patient and supportive.

Gaetano Miceli

Shaun is very attentive and applied his valuable knowledge and experience. He helped and put in a lot of care to our website and constantly keeps in touch.

Joshua Quadros

Shaun is very passionate about what he does, and that translates in his work. We are constantly getting compliments from clients because they love the new look of the website. Shaun is very patient and extremely responsive when it comes to our needs.

Shaun Doolarchan

Working with Shaun was an excellent experience. He provided us with great ideas and advice to grow our business. Shaun was always available and willing to help us in many ways. Such a great resource and an inspiration for everyone in the community.